What's So Special About CSP Adhesive? – door finger safety guard
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Carlsbad Safety Products - Manufacturer of Door Finger Protection Bumper Blocks & Shield Guards
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What's So Special About CSP Adhesive?

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Q: So, what is so special about the adhesive on our Pinch-Not door-safety shields? 

A: The Pinch-Not adhesive is no ordinary adhesive.  As the result of extensive research and development, Carlsbad Safety Products fabricates its own adhesive through a “converter” process.  The result is a dual-adhesive with some remarkable characteristics.  Let me explain.

The Gum.  One layer of the dual-adhesive interfaces with the customer door or door jamb.  This layer is a very tacky material (which we call “Gum”) that will adhere well to almost any surface imaginable.  This is important, because the door and wall surfaces vary dramatically – with the result that many adhesives simply do not work on some surfaces (e.g., when the surface is painted or stained in a particular manner).  After extensive testing, we found that our Gum is a fantastic solution to this difficult problem.  Our gum really sticks well to almost any door or door-jamb surface.

The Stretch Adhesive.  The other surface of the dual-adhesive interfaces with the shield itself.  We call this layer the “stretch adhesive.”  The stretch adhesive is designed to allow removal of the adhesive in a manner that minimizes any damage to the surface of the door or door jamb.  These days, most people are very familiar with the benefit of stretch-release adhesive.  However, we have found that stretch-release adhesives are not a good replacement for our Gum, as these adhesives lack the tacky quality of our Gum.

Why Go to the Trouble?  You might ask, why go to all of the trouble and expense to use custom-made dual-adhesive?  Is it really worth it?  We think it is worth it.  And, here is the reason: the two alternatives to dual-adhesive are not good alternatives.  

  1. Focusing only on strong adhesion can result in very unhappy customers if the adhesive product ends up unnecessarily damaging the surface of doors and/or door frames.
  2. Focusing only on the stretch-release capability can result in very unhappy customer if the shields do not remain properly attached to the door and door frame, owing to an adhesive product that exhibits inadequate tackiness.

The Best of Both Worlds.  By fabricating a dual-adhesive, we give you the best of both worlds.  We get the tackiness of Gum along with the wonderful removability of the stretch adhesive.  But, how is the combination achieved?  The answer is a process called the “converter” process.  We accomplish this converter process with equipment that is custom-made for our company.  I guess you could say, we go the extra mile for the customer.  Sure, it costs a little more, but achieving customer satisfaction is our paramount objective.  We hope you notice the difference!

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