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Carlsbad Safety Products - Manufacturer of Door Finger Protection Bumper Blocks & Shield Guards
Carlsbad Safety Products - Manufacturer of Door Finger Protection Bumper Blocks & Shield Guards
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The Hazard

The National Safety Council indicates there are over 300,000 door injury incidents every year in the U.S. (which require emergency room or urgent care visits), and most of those injuries are to toddlers.

Sometimes it happens in early learning environments and many times it happens at home.

Of those finger injuries, more than 25,000 of them result in amputations or fractures.

And toddlers suffer the great majority of the frequency of these accidents, outnumbering all other age groups.

The Solution

Installing Pinch-Not products is the solution! Properly installed, Pinch-Not products will prevent finger injuries from doors.  

Whether children are in child care or pre-school environments or their own home, they should have their little fingers protected from injuries whenever feasible – and that is what our Door Hinge Guards and Door Bumpers do.

Why Pinch-Not?

Easy to Install. Most door hinge guard manufacturers say you need screws.  Not with Pinch-Not products!  Installing our child safety products is quick and easy, because no tools or screws are required.  Moms and dads love the ease of installation.

Durable Construction. Our door pinch guards and child safety products have provided years of exceptional protection in Preschools, YMCA’s, Cruise lines and more.  Our finger guards for doors have been in used in harsh environments and subjected to regular abuse, but they still function as well as the day they were installed. (Read customer testimonials.)

Superior In-House Design. There’s a reason our door finger guards work so well.  Our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities provide for easy installation, superior durability, and no woodwork damage from screw holes.

Superior Quality. Pinch-Not products are the highest quality child safety products on the market.  Our door hinge guards, finger guards, and finger protection devices are installed in homes, child care centers, YMCA’s, and other institutions all across the country.

Superior Function. Our door safety devices really work!  They are designed to a higher standard to ensure they will be effective in preventing finger injuries to toddlers, children, and adults.

Affordable. Our door hinge guards and door finger guards are very affordable.

Attractive. Our door hinge guards and door finger guards are attractive.

Residential or Commercial Use. Our door safety products meet the needs of both commercial and residential.